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Friday, November 17, 2006

Prayer Update E-mail for Team 16 Nov 06

Dear Praying Friends,
It is the time of year to thank God for His blessings, and though I sigh over the mud, for our neighbors and friends this rainy season’s abundant dampness would surely number among the greatest of blessings.  This week we looked at 1 Kings 18 and 19.  Just as Elijah called down fire and then rain, God has come to us in great power and goodness here.  Some of the many things we are thankful for :
  • You, your prayers and encouragement, your pouring out of your own blessings.  We’ve received two major pledges in the last month for the health center, and this week found out that one phase of our nutrition program expansion will be funded by a SALT grant written by one former intern (Stephanie) and submitted/promoted by another former intern (Jenn Butz).  These aren’t small amounts and we feel like the Israelites, awed at God’s power.
  • Jonah striding around Nyahuka Health Center, confident and competent and testifying to God’s answers to prayer.
  • Some of the health issues we asked prayer for looking up, with team kids gaining health and strength.
  • A team that has expanded gracefully, drawing in newcomers and opening arms of love.
  • Joy Muhlbaier was able to travel safely back to the US with Ward Shope and is beginning to get physical therapy for her chronic back pain.  Also the Gray family left today to travel back to the US next week for the anticipated January arrival of boy number three.
  • WHM’s new vision and mission statements and new web site, plus the expanding interest in new fields in East Africa
  • Against all odds Kabasunguzi Grace still alive and smiling in spite of being blind and bedridden.
  • Drawing to the end of another CSB school year and exam period.

But in 1 Kings 19, as soon as Elijah experienced God’s mighty power and deliverance, he ran away discouraged.  Spiritual attack intensifies in times of moving forward, and we feel wearied by this event-ful year.  So God moved Elijah out to the wilderness for food and rest, but more importantly for an encounter with Himself.  Would you pray for us this Thanksgiving that we would long for the God of the Blessings rather than just the blessings of God?  That we would find rest and strength in the whispering voice of His presence?  That the Christmas season would be one of focusing on Jesus more than on the great gifts He brings us?

After God meets Elijah, He sends him on to announce and set in motion major world-changing events.  Most of that involves choosing new people to do His work.  Pray that we would likewise be readied for God’s work in 2007.  Specifically:
  1. CSB is in desperate need of funding for meeting end-of-year payrolls; and we expect to need new teachers in several key positions come January.  Please pray for God’s provision of money and people!
  2. It is also time to start thinking of new teachers for RMS for August 07.  If you know any elementary/middle school teachers who would be up for such an adventure, start praying for them.
  3. Our last Kwejuna Project Food distribution occurs Monday the 20th, pray for God to bless the women and children who come, and for more funding to open up for their nutrition next year.
  4. Carol Logan is working tirelessly to track down many mothers and babies around the district for follow-up, a nearly impossible task.  She has only a couple of weeks left; pray for miraculous finding of the right moms!

Thanking God for you as always,
Jennifer for the team

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