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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Introducing . . . .and still looking for . . .

Four new people committed to joining our team in 2008:  a married couple with a new baby whose passion is long-term missions, living and loving among the poor.  And a nurse with several years of experience and a rather cross-cultural childhood.  We are thankful that God continues to put the people of Bundibugyo on specific American hearts and draw them here to join in the work of the Kingdom.  And we know from personal experience that their coming means that God has work to do in their own hearts as well as they come to the end of their resources here and are thrown into the walk of faith.

Now we are waiting for two young men.  Yes, we still need two more people.  With all the boys on our team and given the balance and mix and culture, we would like to see two males join in 2008 as well.  At least one should be willing to teach.  If you fit the category or know someone who does, contact Dan Macha at  Maybe two brothers?  Friends recently graduated from university looking for a stretching adventurous year or two?  Someone in between university and grad school who needs public health experience?  Someone who likes to coach sports?  Get dirty?  A teacher who needs a break after five years of teaching the same grade level?  We don’t know who you are, but we are still praying for you.

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