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Sunday, September 06, 2009


We are extremely grateful and relieved that both Luke and Caleb made it through a tough week of try-outs and were selected for Varsity and JV football (that's soccer in America) teams at RVA.  It is an extremely competitive sport there, and we do not take their inclusion for granted.  They love the sport and will benefit from the exercise and team-work, but most of all it is a boost to their sense of belonging, and one of those islands of success in a lifetime of being the younger/smaller/excluded foreigner on the field, being allowed to practice but never really on the team at CSB.  Luke missed most of last year's JV season with his knee injury, so it feels like a new opportunity as he plays this year.  Their relief in making the roster was tempered by sadness (for Luke) about his friends who did not . . . and soberness for all as a boy suffered a concussion during the last practice, very frightening for all the kids and coaches as he was unconscious and convulsing briefly.  As we rejoice, we pray for his recovery (prognosis is good) and for safety in the fun ahead.  We gave a little party of appreciation for our RMS teachers last night after team worship:  Nathan and Ashley's coaching, playing, challenging, encouraging are responsible for developing the football skills, and Sarah's patience with teaching Luke a bit about singing for the "Saraphim" (Sarah, Luke, and Acacia performed a couple of times) enabled Luke to be selected for choir this year too.  

The deeper message to my mother-heart is a picture of God's mercy.  When Caleb broke his arm, it was at a picnic stop that was MY idea, and over the complaints of everyone else. So I felt vaguely responsible for ruining his chances.  But I wonder in the end if his insistence in giving his all in SPITE OF a broken arm communicated to the coaches his passion for the sport.  Which is a way that God is teaching us right now, the 2 Cor 12 truth, that His power is discovered in our weakness. He takes the very things that look like loss and turns them into gain for His glory.

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Tricia said...

I am praising God with you that your boys made the team. God sure is surprising the way He uses all things to work together for our good. A broken arm is not good, but making the team is. :) I will pray for the young boy who suffered a concussion, if only because I know personally the possible ramifications of that and the impact it can have on a life. God bless.