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Sunday, April 11, 2010

District Champs

Christ School - Bundibugyo triumphed in the District Football Final game yesterday, 1-0, against Simbya St. Mary's Senior Seconday School. It was not an easy game. Our boys came out strong, passing, dominating. But by half we were only up by one, and in the second half our best striker was injured and out, and we played hesitant and uncoordinated football. Not our best, but good enough. Interestingly this week Luke (who has been practicing with the team, a whole new ball-game since he's 6-2, and not the slow little kid anymore) was pushing one of his friends to be more aggressive in play, and the boy told him "but then either I will be shamed or the boy I'm attacking will be shamed". I think we felt that in the finals, a holding back lest anyone look too bad in front of the biggest crowd of the year, against our nearest rivals. Hoping that they will loosen up at the national tournament (VERY far from home, the last week of April) and have more fun.
On to Masaka! Praying it will be a time of bonding and discipleship as the team travels and stays together, an eye-opening interaction with kids from all over Uganda, a confidence boosting memorable treat, and a chance to represent both Christ and Bundibugyo in good ways.

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