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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


News from Heidi: Uganda has been conditionally approved by GAVI to begin administering the pneumococcal vaccine. For the paradoxuganda faithful, this was an issue we spent a good bit of heart on early in 2010, advocating by gathering data and composing letters and emails and making phone calls and recruiting prayer. It sounds small, but in the big picture of child survival in Bundibugyo, because it is the epicenter of sickle cell gene prevalence, and kids with sickle cell die of pneumococcal sepsis, this vaccine could significantly improve and extend the lives of children. Very thankful. And part of the trend of what God is doing, our team often now acts as on-the-ground advocates but God brings larger, well-funded, international organizations to step in and provide the money and programs we so desperately need.

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