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Thursday, November 03, 2011

HELP! End of year crunch time at Christ School - Bundibugyo

Travis and Isingoma have been crunching the financial numbers at Christ School this week.

As most of you know, World Harvest Mission subsidizes the operating expenses of Christ School each year in order to keep tuition fees affordable for the average subsistence farmer of Bundibugyo District. On average, WHM helps to raise about $50,000 per year to help cover the basic costs of running a boarding secondary school - namely, paying teacher salaries and buying food for the students. We operate on a shoestring…our average teacher salary is something around $175/month and we feed each of our students for less than $1/day.

Unfortunately, in 2011 we had a major donor default on major pledge. We don't blame the donor (he has promised to contribute in the future), but we are left with a significant gap in 2011.

Travis and Isingoma are estimating

that we need

about $12,300

to finish 2011 at Christ School -Bundibugyo in the black.

(that means paying the final month of salaries to our teachers!!)


CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THE WHM DONATION SITE FOR CHRIST SCHOOL…. Any amount, little or large, is appreciated. Thanks so much.

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