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Friday, June 29, 2012

Jennifer's summer plan

In case you're wondering . . . while Scott is doing a fantastic job as Mr. Dr. Mom, running the medicine department (short staffed), directing the WHM field, managing an inpatient service, teaching interns and residents, covering all student health needs at RVA and that weekly clinic, fielding crisis calls, filtering through over a hundred emails a day and answering with grace and wisdom, cooking dinners and cheering at games and generally being amazing . . . . I am doing the exact opposite.  Which makes us a good wholesome combination, but I definitely come out on the good side of this deal.

After the swearing-in ceremony today, I left Colorado Springs and headed northwest into the Rockies.  For 40 days while Caleb is in Basic Training Boot Camp, I am staying on a ranch owned by friends who have graciously leant me a cottage for quiet contemplation, prayer, and writing.  There is no internet here, but I'll find some intermittently to check on my family.  Please pray for me to listen to God, be renewed and refreshed, and write the story of our first 19 years in Africa in a way that might bless others and give Him glory.  It is a fast of sorts, from the world, from my normal work and connections, from noise and input, from even good things relationally.  This is day one and I miss my husband and kids.  A lot.  But it is also a gift, a time I don't expect will be repeated in my life.  

The family who owns the ranch is extremely generous with their fellow Kingdom-workers, offering respite in a place that is high (9300 feet), clear, stunning, peaceful.  They stay in the main house part-time, but I am alone in the "Tack House" next to the barn.  When you pray for me, ask God to bless these gracious people too.

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