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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lamenting Bureaucracy, and the woes of living in a corrupt country

Julia has been rejected by the SAT.

Because we live in Kenya, and Kenya is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, it is no small feat to register for standardized tests.

Instead of the on-line registration that the rest of the world does, students in Kenya must fill out the archaic bubble forms of our youth which have to be validated by the school and sent by snail mail. And RVA students only have a few options per year for fitting in the tests.   Julia wanted to take the SAT a second time, as do most serious students, having taken it the first time way back in January and the subject tests in May (the only two options she had).  She wanted to take round two of the general SAT in November so that the schools she is applying to would see the results, especially her early decision option.

 So in early September she filled out the tedious form.  We checked it over.  The guidance office checked it over.  Probably five people looked to be sure the form was filled correctly.  32 students sent their forms in; and 31 were registered.  Not Julia, because it turns out that on the fee waiver section (because we qualify for aid) there was one bubble that was left empty.

For the sake of that one empty bubble, she can not take the SAT.

Even though any logic would confirm that she is not a fraud, that multiple adults failed to catch the missing mark, that the school totally vouches for her, that the essential info was all correct and we would much rather pay for the test and skip the fee waiver than have her disqualified, that anyone can make a mistake . . with the SAT and the fear of Kenyan con men, no second chance.

In fact it is so absurd that we just have to say that this is like Elijah pouring water on the wood, or Gideon asking for the fleece to be wet one night and dry the other.  Only God can open her path to the university He wants her to attend, and He can do that with or without a second go at the SAT.

So pray for the process to be one of faith and of goodness following her all the days of her life, bubble or no bubble.


deborah said...

If it makes you feel any better(and it probably doesn't), we had a similar situation with the SAT in the state of Tennessee. In our case, it was an incompetent high school guidance counselor to blame.

JoAnn Hohenberger said...

You are so right; God can direct her to a wonderful college with or without the SAT retake. I did some h.s. guidance counseling and saw it happen. As frustrating as unreasonable bureaucracy is, it does not define our opportunities. I assume the ACT is not an option?

Sally said...

Praying for Julia.

Kelli Clifford said...

Praying for her to cling to God's sovereignty and also that you all will not beat yourselves up over that bubble.

Sakura Sojourn said...

Our hearts hurt for our kids (and adult kids) when they are dealt an injustice, especially when it seems like it can place a future in jeopardy. I am praying for you. I also pray God will take care of Julia just as he has Luke and Caleb.