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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Building in Bundibugyo?

World Harvest Mission short-term-trip-leader and construction-guru-with-decades-of-experience Brad Wallace is planning a construction trip to Bundibugyo May 9-25.  He has four people signed up and could use 4 to 5 more to help on building projects at Christ School.  This is the first time in AGES that we've had an opportunity like this for handy construction-oriented people to bless Bundibugyo.
If you are interested please contact Brad.  703.969.5309 or  

Our children studied in these classrooms.  Our friends are the teachers who still faithfully bring the Kingdom of God to Bundibugyo one child at a time.  Our team mentors young people, coaches sports, helps with the farms, leads studies.  Our Ugandan boys have found Jesus here, have received the foundations for their lives.  The buildings are not just buildings, they are the the venue for real change in real peoples' lives.

Thanks for considering!

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