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Monday, November 30, 2015


Thanksgiving weekend:  grandparents, kids, visitors, food, wood-splitting, apple butter making, cooking, pies, games, laughter, walks, memories.  Here are some of the things we are thankful for.

Breakfast at a leisurely pace, and coffee that tastes as good as it looks
Time to go with my mom to her old college . . below is the porch swing on her dorm, where she used to sit with my dad. . . 

Venison, from our land, butchered in the garage and served fresh alongside the turkey, a three-generation activity

Nana's help with cakes and pies and laundry magic

Brothers and sisters, walks in the woods

Early morning moments stolen for quiet work and study

Croissants, and a lovely table, while the turkey is on the grill.

The Biggerstaff Family, my sister and her husband and kids.

Special mention to Micah, who loved his turkey leg:
Acacia, who probably didn't even get to taste the Acacia wine we found:

 The whole crew:

And some other weekend activities, including wood splitting and stacking

And working on the pizza oven, of course

 A rainy Saturday trip to the local Christmas tree farm:

Cookies and chai, and a bit of decorating:

And did we mention the bonfire?

This may not happen again, so we are treasuring the moments.

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