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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Half the Moon and All the Love

We're on a two-week Westward trip to spend time with Scott's parents in Half Moon Bay, visiting a few supporters as well.  First stop was Denver, and here we are with friends from college.  Once upon a time we led Inter-Varsity together at UVA.

Next stop Colorado Springs, where our favorite Air Force cadet was able to get 24 hours off.  When Myhres gather, wood-fired pizza follows.

A privilege we treasure (a rare one), taking some of our kids' friends out for lunch.  Officer's Christian Fellowship group after church. 

Sunday afternoon hike around the Garden of the Gods.  

We were thankful to be welcomed by Caleb's literal God-send host family, and by another family who have become soul-friends and supporters over the years and let us crash in on a home concert Sunday evening. And then on to CA, where we arrived just as our brother-in-law Kevin was leaving to speak at a conference and visit his family in Norway.

The highlights of our days here, walks along the coast with Scott's parents, who at 83 and 84 still love to get some exercise and fresh air.  

We usually walk down again for sunset, which Scott can post some much better pictures of . . . 

Though we are just over the hills from San Francisco and Palo Alto, this is a fantastic environment with coastal bluffs, wildflowers, wind and sea.  One morning I saw two coyotes.  Last night we saw dolphins jumping out of the surf just beyond the breakers.

Most days fill with small projects, phone calls/meetings with Serge, watching NCAA basketball with Scott's dad, preparing meals and spending time trying to be an encouraging presence.  But Friday Scott and I took off for a 27 mile bicycle ride climbing 3000 feet up the coastal range, through redwood forests.  Note I stopped taking photos when I was nearly keeling over from the climb, so the happiness is not fully representative.  The route made me thankful for all those people who have preserved California's environment.

Tomorrow, Sunday the 20th, we will speak briefly at the 8:30 and 10:00 am services at HMB's Community United Methodist Church.  If you're in the area we'd love to say thank you.

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