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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

24 years of wonder

On a snowy morning in Baltimore, 24 years ago today, Luke made his debut appearance.  It was a bit touch and go, and he was almost a month early so whisked off to an incubator temporarily, but within hours he had the family in his thrall, where we've been ever since.

So today, a Happy Birthday shout-out to our oldest, the little LAMb who grew into lion size and strength.  Thanks for being YOU.  Insightful, confident, questioning, creative, energetic, passionate, fiercely loyal, wildly fun, wrestling with reality, faithful, honest, never-a-dull-moment you.

You're a great brother.

A great friend.

And a great son.  We love you.


Judith Shoolery said...

A big happy birthday to Luke from me too. May he grow in wisdom and in favor with man and God. Good wishes and prayers.

Emma Joy said...

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