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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Another unexpected turn in the road

For those who are not on our email update (mailchimp) chain, Scott flew emergently to CA this week the day after we returned from Burundi, to be with his parents.  The slow decline of previous strokes and dementia was punctuated by a new episode of bleeding in his dad's brain a few weeks prior.  His mother had the house modified and hired a full-time helper in order to care for him at home, but after just over a week of trying this arrangement it was becoming abundantly clear that the situation was neither safe nor beneficial for either of them.  Scott offered to come help; his mom jumped on the chance.  In the 12 hours between reserving the ticket and arriving back in Kenya, Scott's dad landed back in the hospital with another arrhythmia episode.   So Scott has been in Half Moon Bay since Thursday.  We pray that over the course of the next week he and his mom can sort out a nearby nursing home or hospice-care facility.  He's been setting up appointments to evaluate potential places, and working with the doctors to pare down the ballooning list of medicines his dad was put on, many of which he does not tolerate well.

We are grateful for the times that God has enabled us to be with our families in times of crisis.  We know our parents pay a very, very high cost for the work that we do.  We are more thankful than ever for the good visit we had in January; when Scott arrived this time, his dad did not recognize him.  That is a painful milestone.

Many of you have similar stories, and even living in the USA it can be challenging to be working, supporting parents, supporting young adult children.  This is a season of life, and we pray that by grace we can walk through it honoring those we love so much.  Thanks.

Addendum:  Check the two previous posts for Scott's excellent photos and some broad strokes on our recent trip to DRC, Uganda, and Burundi.  And . . .
The paragraph below was in an email from Heidi L, a dear friend, and so meaningful I had to share it with you.
When I would talk to my South Sudanese friends about my mom and her deterioration, when they would ask how she was doing, after I would tell them, their response, that rang in my head and heart for the whole time she was sick and after she died, was “Rabuuna fi.”  Literally translates to something like “Our Lord Is in”…”fi" can mean "is here" AND "is there” so it always was a kind of “I AM” statement for me…Our Lord Is.  He is with you, He is with your dad, He is everything you need and everything your dad needs your mom needs Caleb needs Luke needs…He Is.

Rabuuna fi, friends.


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