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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Celebrating Julia: 21 years and Paradox

Today Julia Kathleen Myhre turns 21.  And David Vernon Myhre will be remembered in his memorial service, and buried in the ground.
Here they are exactly 21 years ago.  And today I know Grandad, and Grampy (my dad who died 11 years ago) would be thrilled with just who that little baby has become.  So we hold the paradox of death and life, mourning and celebration, ending and beginning, in our hearts today.

And because we are in California, sorting through hundreds and hundreds of photos, in a land of limitless internet, for the 21rst birthday we look back to that little girl with some fun photos:  spunky, sparky Julia, full of vigorous life and will.  Ready to hug, ready to hold her own.  Never far from her beloved bear.  Keeping up with brothers, helping mom.  Daddy's girl through and through.

Oct 4th 1996 in Reston, VA 
(our families rejoiced that her expected delivery date and Scott's Family Medicine recertification exam, which had to be done in person in those days, overlapped so she was born in America)

By early November we were back home in Bundibugyo

Big brothers' embrace, which continues to this day.
When she was 8 months old, we ran for our lives, and ended up back in the USA for a few months evacuated from rebel warfare.  So this is her first birthday, in West Virginia.

We returned to work in Kijabe for a few months and wait for Jack's birth. (and just for fun, here's the same two, Julia and Luke, this weekend)
Back to 1998 below . . 

And so began a special relationship with this boy who is nearly a twin

By her second birthday she was growing in confidence and charm and kindness and joy.

Her third birthday, a cowgirl in Uganda with some princess accoutrements . . 

More brother shots (waiting at the airstrip in our secret service glasses)

Always her own person, her own style.

On her birthday, I have to reflect on 21 years of being the mother of a daughter who brings us such love and peace.  After two boys I was completely ready for another, and quite satisfied with that, but God gave us Julia to show us a different side of love.  A 'how can I help' or 'here let me do that' spirit that smooths over all our rough edges and makes our family a better place.  A young woman who excels in academics and sports but actually prioritizes relationships and service and spirituality.  A growing activist for the environment, human culture, and health and how those three forces intersect for flourishing.  A competent crosser of cultures and languages.  Last weekend she flew into California with her smiles and neck massages and carrot cake baking and kitchen cleanups and encouraging words, and lifted all our spirits.  It's a joy to be her parent, and we delight in who she is and who she is becoming.  Happy Birthday Julia!!

We love you!

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Sally said...

I love seeing the photographs of your kids when they were younger! I also enjoy reading the descriptions that you offer of each of your children on their birthday posts. A mother (and father) have the privilege of bearing witness the unique ways that their children bear God's image. When I think about how much more God knows about them, it lifts my heart.
P.S. This post didn't link to your facebook page. I saw it when I read one of the other posts.