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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Surgeon and Barber

In the middle ages these two jobs went together . . . And we sort of live in the middle ages. So as Caleb reached his six week mark with his cast today, we decided it was time to remove it. Those American fiberglass casts are STRONG. No problem though for a circular blade on an angle grinder, powered by our generator, then finished off with snips from gardening sheers. Caleb has been extremely patient and good natured throughout the month and a half of his hot and itchy cast. But it was a shock to him to see his pale and wasted thin arm, still at an unpleasant angle. Pray for his bones to strengthen, straighten, and completely heal. Meanwhile Scotticus was rewarded for helping in the cast removal by getting a free dry-hot-season hair cut, the same military buzz that all our boys have resorted to this month. So the surgeon and barber were at work . . . Always one of the challenges but also the satisfactions of remote living, the impromptu do-it-yourself nature of life.


claire said...
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claire said...

caleb myhre-- you need my prayers, you've got them!!!!

miss you all, love you!!