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Sunday, March 18, 2007

A week's worth of prayer requests...

Monday—Nutrition: Since WFP pulled out of Bundibugyo just before Christmas, we’ve been trying to continue to provide milk and some extra calories for motherless and the most severely malnourished babies. Praise God for providing the funds needed for this more limited program in the last three months. However we need new funds and new ideas to continue through 2007. On Monday Karen, Stephanie, Pamela, Scott and I are meeting. We know that God cares for the orphan and the poor. Stephanie recently completed a survey which shows that 45% of children under age 5 here are severely stunted, a sign of chronic malnutrition and a predictor of poor development. Please ask Him to guide us wisely in being the hands He uses to touch these desperate people. Also praise God that 202 chicks (project to increase protein through hens that lay eggs) have survived!

—Health Care: There are now only three Ugandan doctors in Bundibugyo (for 200,000 plus people), and one is the Director of District Health Services who is not clinically active. Even if you count Scott and me, that’s still 1 per 50,000 people (US is 1 per 330 people). We have arranged for all five of us to meet for the morning and lunch on Tuesday, to talk about planning for health, particularly AIDS and nutrition. There is tension in some of these relationships, and everyone is overworked. So pray that it would be a time of encouragement for them, and of drawing together in a common purpose. We have never done this before. Also the solar electricity was installed in the new ward, and beds are being produced by the local workshop. Pray we could open around Easter. And pray for more doctors!!!

—Rwenzori Mission School: JD has scheduled two curriculum planning meetings on Wednesday, for grades K-4 and 5-9. RMS has been a great strength for our team but also an area of attack, since it is a place where all of us must intersect and cooperate, and over the things we consider most precious, our children. Praise God that we have one teacher for next school year, Sarah Reber. Another candidate has shown interest in applying—an answer to prayer!! Please pray for at least one more new full-time teacher, though if God wants to send us two we’ll be happy.

—Team: We have team meetings on Thursdays, and this term we are studying Ken Sande’s The Peacemaker. Pray that our team would be characterized by joy and love for one another, the kind of community that strengthens and supports all our individual ministries.

—CSB: As classes end for the week pray for a cooperative and respectful relationship between students and staff. There have been some discipline cases that have raised tensions on both sides. Pray for the academic village, the Jeffersonian dream of a communal pursuit of knowledge, combined with the Biblical ideal of a pursuit of holiness! The sports teams are one way that healthy community develops: pray for Scotticus, Pamela, Annelise and Larissa (our new nurse!) as they work with cross country, JD and I as we work with girls’ soccer, Kim with girls’ basketball, Amy trying to launch aerobics, and Kevin and Alex (Ugandan teacher) coaching boys’ soccer. At least a third of the student body is included in these sports, so the potential for impact is great.

—Travel: Six women fly out to South Africa Saturday morning to attend the Women of the Harvest retreat, a ministry to women missionaries. Pray for them to meet Jesus there in all His glory and goodness! And you can pray for some dads (especially David Pierce and Bob Chedester) who will be single parents for a few days. Please also pray for Michael as he coordinates some team trips into Sudan for the end of April/early May, leading our team in exploring new fields along with our Field Director Robert Carr. Some of the details still need to fall into place. One web site described Sudan as the size of Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and a few other small countries combined, with not one inch of decent paved road in the southern half. Travel is complicated, to say the least. Ask God to give our team vision for raising up missionaries for new fields in Africa.

—Worship. Piper says mission exists because worship does not. As you attend your churches on Sunday, take a moment to ask God to gift men and women here as worship leaders for the many churches, people who can sing and dance and drum, who can read Scripture in Lubwisi and Lukonjo, who can draw others into their prayers.
Thanks for walking through the week with us.

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Will Kendall said...

Hello Myhre Crew.
I know I have been less then mediocre at communicating with any of the team since my departure last summer but I just wanted you guys to know that I'm keeping up with the blog regularly and I pray often for you and the work God is doing through you. I'm in kind of an emotional mood right now, just thinking back to my summer and the ways that God worked in me through you all. I just wanted to vocalize (or type, as the case may be) my gratitude to all of you, (Scott, Jennifer, Luke, Caleb, Jack, and Julia) for the many ways in which you showed me what it looked like to be faithful to God's call on your lives as doctors, neighbors, leaders, students, and friends. As I sit here in the library at Covenant feeling disillusioned with school and life in general I am called to repentance by your example of faithfulness in spite of such great opposition. I pray for the faithfulness that I see in your family while I am called to be a student here in the States. Please know the fondness I hold for your family, and again the gratitude I feel towards you all.

running to Jesus,

Will Kendall