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Sunday, July 15, 2007


I just posted the good news that 5 of 12 months were covered, and had another message from the person who is mobilizing her 32 friends to give $50 a piece for the sixth month.  I don’t think I can email a person who posts a comment unless I know their address . . . So I’m requesting that anyone who wants to be part of the 12 months of nutrition support email me at  Then we can be in touch directly about which month you’d like to sponsor, and how to send the donation.  We’re half way there!  Thanks.

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bethy31 said...

I sent you an email. Sorry, I tried to send an email earlier from your blog but seems that it didn't go through (it has instead of Hopefully you received my message! If not, post back and I'll try again.

God Bless.