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Friday, September 28, 2007

Links and Racing

Just to remind you that we have links on the side bar to team mates’ blogs.  The James passage I wrote about in my last post includes the image of the crown, which is the laurel wreath rewarding the race finisher. This image carries more meaning for us since Scott Ickes began the cross country team!  The kids ran their hearts out and legs off for Parents’ Day yesterday, but some stumbled near the finish because our “track” us just the rutted grass around the playing field at school.  He’s trying to raise money to level it out and put in a simple gravel/marrum track (another Biblical image, make straight the highway . . .).  See his post if you’re interested.  Annelise writes in hers this weekend about number fatigue, the tension we feel when confronted with too many needy people and question the value of helping even one.  Bethany has a thought provoking piece on change and death and the longing for constancy.  Pamela’s down-loadable prayer letter gives a good overview of the summer, and she writes on the nutrition blog about Makuni’s first smile.  Kim has posted pictures of Juba, the new capital of Southern Sudan.  JD and Ashley both describe some of the less appreciated nature found around our homes.  Last but not least, Scott uploaded a new family picture from our team retreat in Jinja, at the bottom.  It’s a long way to scroll down but worth it if you want to see how much TALLER Luke is than I!!

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