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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blessings and Sorrows of 2008

Blessings of 2008: Heidi arrives * Nathan arrives * Grammy visit,
climb Sabinyo* Ryan visit, spiritual food* Rwenzori Hike (!!) *
Zanzibar short sabbatical * Baby Jonah Muhindo * Ndyezika and Juliette
Wedding * Luke admitted to RVA * Pierces transition to lead CSB *
Student milestones, Ivan finishes PLE, Mutegheki finishes O levels,
Birungi finishes A levels * Basiime admitted to University
miraculously * Luke makes soccer team *Our RMS teachers Ashley and
Sarah, breaths of fresh air * Austria TL retreat, enveloped by love of
our WHM family and celebration of survival * Jack's heels, Luke's
knee, Basiime's eyes, and Ivan's leg healing * Bolthouse visit,
friends and safari * Baguma Charles for BundiNutrition * BBB
established and tested * Former team-mate weddings for Scotticus &
Jane, Becky & Lars, Larissa & John, Rachel & Craig * generous
supporters * sponsoring 2 medical students and facilitating
sponsorship for 3rd, the future of Health in Bundibugyo * Writing *
Continuity, especially Pat * Sensing God's love . . .

Sorrows of 2008: Massos move to Sudan * Luke leaves home * Mukiddi,
our neighbor for almost 15 years, dies * Mourning Jonah * The inverse
of some of the above: Luke's knee injury, Basiime's severe glaucoma,
Jack's struggles, Ivan's broken leg * Goodbye to Barts * Heidi gone
for two months to jump nursing license hoops * Financial strain of
rising costs and limited funds especially at CSB * Grammy appendicitis
and close relatives unemployed * Plowing on in hard relationships *
Getting older and slower * Supply shortages, especially gloves *
Blatant corruption * not-always-helpful staff changes * watching
children die . . .

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