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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A week of friendship

Acacia slipped into our family the way she usually does, as if she  belongs here, which she does. We are thankful that our WHM family  still includes the Massos even though they have shifted their home  base to Sudan, and that our kids can still enjoy a week of friendship.
Travis and Amy dropped into our lives out of nowhere . . . well, not  exactly, they were gifts from WHM loyalists Josiah and Barbara  Bancroft, Rick and Tee Downs, and Dan and Gini. A small picture of  the Kingdom community, these couples who went before us now meeting  and mentoring couples who can follow us, and forging the connections.  We do not yet know what God will do in their lives, but we don't  exactly get personable, committed, healthy, enjoyable, available  doctor-teacher couples dropping in regularly, so we hope it is an  indication that our paths will merge, soon.
We are praying for 2009 to be a year of expansion for our team and for  WHM in Africa. The Clark family has reached the 80% mark of support,  and Scott Will hopes to wrap up his stateside sojourn and return by  June. We could use all of them yesterday. Another medically-oriented  family to partner with us, a family with gifts and passion for  education to partner with the Pierces, a couple or family with some  Africa-experience and pastoral hearts to care for our team when we are  on HMA next year, and possibly a couple of more short term  teachers . . . . these are our hopes. The Sudan team expects several  interns and three single missionaries to join in 2009 when their  support comes in, and they could also accommodate more families. And  Sudan is only one of the three new fields we asked God to open. So  please pray for God to stir in the right hearts, and please feel free  to prompt your friends to contact WHM with potential candidates.
A week of friendship gives us a taste for more. 

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