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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More on celebration and sorrow . .

Not long after the post was written blow, in a moment of post-hard-soccer-practice, pre-dinner-hunger-and-tiredness, there was a brief whole-family meltdown in which Julia sobbed:  I MISS MISS ASHLEY AND LUKE AND ACACIA!!!  This had nothing to do with her immediate brother-frustration which triggered the storm, but was insightful.  The wear and tear of daily life occurs against a hidden background of loss when those we love deeply are far away.  

And along those lines, please pray for Scott's dad today, who will be undergoing a heart catheterization procedure to eliminate a potentially dangerous area of tissue that stimulates abnormal rhythms.  It is possible that a burst of irregular beats precipitated his recent bike accident.  He's amazingly strong and resilient but we hate being so far away at important times.  Thanks for all who extend our family into the world by supporting us in prayer.

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Craig said...

Sorry to hear about Scott's Dad. We pray for the surgeon's skills and the Great Healer's grace and mercy for him this day. Thanks you for the gift of Ashley's time home (sorry about Julia - it's hard) - but this week stands out as one of the top 2 or 3 in her life, and it meant so much for her to be in the room with Em, and to welcome little Adelyn into the world. It was a sweet day.