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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cold water and hot fires

Don't know how . . but our techno-savvy teens connected us to the
internet from the remote Bushara Island, a tiny non-electric sancutary
in the middle of a long winding finger of lake in the highlands of SW
Uganda. We are here in the dusk as a bonfire crackles, eating by
candlelight after a day of hiking around the island observing birds
and swimming in the freezing waters of the lake. The highlight of the
place is a rope swing, a long knotted rope tied to a tall eucalyptus
tree which arcs far out from shore, allowing the intrepid to drop
screaming into the water. We're here with the Massos, and the
combination of quiet, rest, simple tents, good food, warm night fires,
clear breezes and exercise, has been therapeutic. This is an oasis,
the entire small island owned and operated by the church of Uganda as
a retreat, where we can exist without being stared at, which is
perhaps the most relaxing thing of all.


Tricia said...

Enjoy! May God continue to bless your journey.

Anonymous said...

Love the lightening photo! Have a brilliant time out there!

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a calming and beautiful post. I wish you all deep rest and many sweet adventures on this island. You have truly earned it.