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Monday, August 03, 2009


Caleb graduated officially from Rwenzori Mission School today. Classes continue for two more days . . but Miss Sarah and Heidi leave tomorrow, so we wanted to get in a moment of closure and recognition. I'm thankful for our team who rallied to make it memorable: singing American and Ugandan national anthems, an exhortation to the graduate from his newest teacher (Nathan) based on the Biblical roots of his name, the Sarah-phim singing a hymm (Sarah, Nathan, and Luke . . we were missing Acacia!!), funny story take-offs of books by Annelise and me, a bag of show and tell memories, and a photo-spread time line of RMS over the last 15-ish years. Ashley pulled it all together and opened in prayer, and Scott closed praying for Caleb as he goes forward from us to RVA. There were balloons and snacks, the elements of any good party. Our kids have been incredibly blessed by the dedication of their teachers over the years, both the missionaries and the CSB teachers. We could not have stayed here so long without RMS, and Caleb would not be ready to launch out into the world of 10th grade without the work they have done. Pat was the team teacher when we arrived, and though she never taught Caleb officially, it was also a blessing to have her here today, representing the many others over the years (Heather, Sandy, Michelle, Natalee, Jenny, Kimiko, Becky, Catharine, Larissa, Jessica, Bethany, Becca, Matt, Kim, Amy, Scotticus . . as well as Ashley, Sarah, and Nathan). It takes a village! Thanks!

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