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Sunday, May 02, 2010

On Pets and Home

Star embodies home for our kids. In a world of change, as even team mates come and go, our dogs have represented a living constant (which was one reason that Angie's death from old age coinciding with the ebola epidemic was so devastating and yet cathartic in grief). In a place that often presents rejection (treating our kids as outsiders) or presents us daily with the unfamiliar, a dog is a dispenser of unconditional love. Whenever we get out of the truck after a grueling trip to Kampala and back, the kids vie for who gets to embrace Star first. A dog is security, barking alerts when would-be thieves or strangers approach, or establishing order if crowds get too overwhelming. Though she has NEVER bitten anyone, Star has kept our home from being a target of the ubiquitous thievery that plagues most of the mission. Star is a companion to run with, a presence when siblings are unavailable. She's part of the stable background fabric of life, especially for our kids.
As we now face a little over two months to wrap up, organize, pack, and prepare before our trip to America in mid-July, item A-number 1 of concern is Star. Ideally we're hoping that an add placed in the "Kijabe Wind" will inspire someone to agree to dog-sit her at RVA from May through December. That allows us to deal with getting her over the border, and provides ONE "family-member" for Caleb when he goes back to first term of 11th grade with the rest of the family across the ocean. She was a puppy Christmas present during our last HMA (2000), and as a ten-year-old dog is definitely on the old side, but hopefully will live a few more years to see our kids through.
So, dog-lovers, please pray for a miraculous provision for Star to be able to live at Kijabe with Caleb and then the rest of the family!

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