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Sunday, March 13, 2011

For all the saints . . .

. . who from their labor are not resting.
Two couples in WHM who have mentored and loved us from a decade or so further down the road. And who are now in the epicenters of March 2011 history. One, feeding refugees fleeing from civil war in a very tricky situation north of here. Serving thousands of people, because he was asked, because he was willing. And the other couple, flying to Japan for a conference to teach about marriage and the Gospel, landing into a country devastated by earthquake and tsunami, surely no coincidence. People with the skills to counsel, to listen, to point others to hope, in a time of fear and loss.
From three decades further down the road, undaunted, Rose Marie led us last year in a meditation on the end of Hebrews 12, where the earth is shaken that the things which remain may be strengthened. Let us pray for mercy for North Africa, and for Japan, civil and natural disaster, shaking and destruction, that only a redeeming God can turn to good.
And lastly, our not-resting neighbors, peers age-wise, but in the process of adopting the Kenyan child they have cared for since birth. Just because they ended up fostering an abandoned baby when the nursery was packed full, to help the nursing staff. Then because the Kenyan family they tried to get to adopt her didn't, because month followed month and year followed year and now at age 2 she only knows their family and love, because she's an amazing little girl who has thrived in their care. Because it is right to make legal what is already true in reality. Because, like the two examples above, they found themselves at the point of need, and did not turn away. In the current climate of awareness of the abuse of children, international adoptions in East Africa have become very difficult. Their final hearing was Friday, the verdict will be rendered mid-April. Yesterday I read about Mordecai and Esther, and it reminded me so much of this situation, a chosen and precious girl, adopted by her uncle, who goes to great lengths and risk to protect and raise her. Pray our neighbors would be legally granted this smallest already-member of their family.
These are all saints-over-50, taking risks, laboring, not resting. Pray for God to strengthen and bless them, so that they stand firm as the world around them shakes.

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Heather Pike Agnello said...

thanks for this post - and a picture of what growing up and growing older in Christ can look like.