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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pi(e) Day

The joys of being a parent include . . . having to respond, even if you've been on call for the whole weekend, even if you're in sleep deficit, even if it's a gorgeous evening outside and you wish you were there, even if you are juggling cooking dinner and preparing a presentation and answering phone calls from the nursery, when your 13-year-old announces that tomorrow he needs a pie for pi day. March 14th, of course, preferably served at 1:59 and 26 seconds or something like that. In my weary stupor I actually missed the whole date significance of the assignment until after-the-fact (and thanks to Alie Benson's facebook post I now get it . . . ). However, being a lover of math and puns, and the author of a book for my kids based on this very topic, and finding it important to recognize the beauty of a universe in which the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of any circle is constant, and being a lover of pies and baking, and recognizing that math and food are two of Jack's highest priorities, well, how could I say "no" ? The geometry students were all assigned to come up with a creative representation of pi. Here is Jack's creation, based on Joanna Stewart's grandmother's Kentucky Derby Pie recipe which I have tried to replicate over the years (we still miss Joanna's cooking) plus a Joy of Cooking dark chocolate frosting. I suspect it tasted wonderful, but that's only a guess, because in spite of Jack's best efforts to save a little for the fam, it was consumed in class. My last year to have a kid in geometry, it's a good thing I finally heard about pi day before it was over forever!


Anonymous said...

he is most definitely taller than you

Barbara Elwood said...

What a clever pie maker you are!

Joanna said...

yay, pie for pi!
I haven't made a kentucky derby in a LONG time!!
I'll have to pull that one out again for Izaak's birthday this weekend!

Thanks for always demonstrating that you love and protect your kids no matter what in the crazy world is happening around you. You are a constant model/challenge/encouragement to me.