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Friday, May 13, 2011

sick time=internet time

Finally an afebrile day, which is a huge plus, even if the stomach rumbles and cramps have yet to subside, there is progress.  And the drop in temperature coincided with a functioning internet access (no small thing) so I actually answered some emails, and replenished my Kindle (THANK YOU friend who made that possible) with lots of free classics and a few new reads.  And here is a link to check out, courtesy of our WHM renewal department:

Acts 29 Pastor Daniel Montgomery Talks About How God Used Sonship in His Marriage and Ministry: // check it out!

Meanwhile just resurfacing enough to realize how un-Job-like I am in even this minor illness, I'm more like the friends, wondering what went wrong, how to avoid even this level of suffering. And even as I type this the chills are coming back.  Sigh.  Praying that the rest of the family continues in health.  Praying that everyone doing my work (Scott at home and Mardi at Kijabe) will not get too tired of it, even as I grasp the hard way that the world goes on quite well without me.  Wishing I had something a bit more profound to have realized in 3 days of inactive silence, but hoping to at least remember even in a febrile fog that God is God, the main message of Job.

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