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Monday, June 27, 2011

on blogging: rich human compost

Frederich Buechner (Telling Secrets), on encountering God in the concrete details of our actual lives:

We believe in God--such as it is, we have faith--because certain things happened to us once and go on happening.  We work and goof off, we love and dream, we have wonderful times and awful times, are cruelly hurt and hurt others cruelly, get mad and bored and scared stiff and ache with desire, do all such human things as these, and if our faith is not mainly just window dressing or a rabbit's foot of fire insurance, it is because it grows out of precisely this kind of rich human compost.  The God of biblical faith is the God who meets us at those moments in which for better or worse we are being most human, most ourselves, and if we lose touch with those moments, if we don't stop from time to time to notice what is happening to us and around us and inside us, we run the tragic risk of losing touch with God too.  

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Heidi said...

Loving Buechner lately! Here's to being intentional about making note of the "working and goofing off, loving and dreaming, wonderful times and awful times, being cruelly hurt and hurting others cruelly, getting mad and bored and scared stiff and aching with desire" that is life!