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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Exchange of Thanks

Because I am taking care of this bundle of cuteness, I am not in Virginia.  Because I am not in Virginia, my injured mother is being cared for by others.  So as I slog through another day of doctors-on-strike-in-Kenya craziness (literally counting babies several times a day with nurses to make sure they're all accounted for because there are so many . . .) I want to shout-out a thanks to LORI, RITA, and VICTORIA, who are selflessly coming to her house to help with bandage-changes twice a day.  These are all women my age (vaguely) or younger (actually) with their own families and homes and work who are dropping everything for some time period every day to do what I can not.  I am grateful.

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Brad & Stacey said...

When my mom was hit by a car last May- her friends rallied around her when I couldn't initially be there. So thankful for those folks who love our loved ones well, but can still understand your longing to be the one changing her bandages! Praying for you and your mom today :)