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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kijabe Hospital Video

to see a video about Kijabe Hospital, our home for the past two years.

This video beautifully portrays the work of Kijabe Hospital:  compassionate healing of the poor and vulnerable, spiritual care, and training for service.

While the video focuses on the surgical services of Kijabe Hospital, there are many other non-surgical services behind the scenes as well (general outpatient, pediatrics, internal medicine, etc.).

Bottom line, it's a busy, busy hospital serving patients from every corner of East Africa and proclaiming the Kingdom come in word and deed.

(P.S. - you may catch a glimpse of Scott in several different clips as he delivers a baby by C-Section).


lauradodson said...

Does Kijabe do "bladder exstrophy" surgery? Just curious...there's a boy in Jinja, Uganda who needs this type of surgery. His family is planning on coming to Johns Hopkins. Thought I'd ask. It is supposedly rather complicated.

Jill Donnelly said...

Hi! I'm checking in because you haven't posted in nearly 20 days and I am a bit worried about you. Even though we are strangers,I hope you don't mind me asking how things are going.

Masselinks said...

The Myhre family remains in our thoughts and prayers during February, 2013. We're not sure how you're doing but imagine that life's challenges are woven into the fabric of your daily lives as you minister to the needy, as you try to balance your gifts, energy, and time with your loved ones, your colleagues, and your patients, and as you seek to serve our Lord and Savior. Blessings from afar!

lauradodson said...

Praying for you all.