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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Slow-Motion Miracle

This is Bedan, who was born with a large sac of brain membranes and fluid protruding from the middle of his face (wish I'd thought to take that photo).  He went home from his seventh surgery yesterday (bottom picture), having been admitted many times in this last year.  His mom thanks those who helped and those who prayed.  And we all thank her for believing in this baby, even at the cost of her marriage and security.  And we thank Dr. Nthumba, the plastic surgeon.  He's part of the heart of Kijabe.  The young Kenyan doctor with a passion for surgery who serves at Kijabe, is sent for further training, forgoes lucrative positions, and returns to establish services here that smooth contractures, reconstruct damaged bodies, heal burns, save lives.  When he's not sewing people back together he also manages all the interns and medical education.  Bedan's story is one that illustrates well the essence of Kijabe:  rescuing from the ash heap those that most of the world would abandon.  Mobilizing resources to help the marginalized.  Pioneering services that are not available on many places on this continent.  Investing in the next generation of Kenyan doctor-leaders.  And doing it all in the name of the love of Jesus.


geniene simrak said...

Oh my goodness. What a miracle! Thank you for the work you do. I know it's been a sacrifice for you to be there while your heart has been here where you could be close to your own hurting son. But thank God for His provision and sustenance. And thank you for your willingness.

DrsMyhre said...

Thanks Geniene. I do sometimes struggle with caring for other kids when my own are in need. But I think this is where God has called us, and this phase of life will involve a lot of dispersal and giant steps of faith in letting go. It's hard. But then so is feeding your baby and advocating for him. Glad he's improving.