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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Requesting two miracles

Requesting two miracles for two young men, and for the unknown future impact their lives can have.

Monday Julius completed all five years of medical school successfully. He passed all exams, ran for office, was well liked and competent. In the last week of his last semester, the last set of exams, a student asked him for help. He said no, but the proctor only caught a glimpse that Monday was speaking. In spite of the fact that there was no evidence of cheating by comparing papers, in spite of the fact that the other young man was repeating an entire failed year and re-failing three classes and subsequently committed suicide while Monday was passing everything with good grades, in spite of a request and plea to explain .... Monday was dismissed from school. Within days of completion, after many thousands of dollars and hours, his results were invalidated. Of course we only heard his side of the story, and can be wrong, but we believed him. There were some political reasons he may have been targeted. And after Dr Jonah and Dr Travis we know there are spiritual forces in the heavenly realms that constantly try to keep competent dedicated doctors out of the district. We tried to make phone calls, have meetings, and write letters. We have been advised to appeal to the University Senate. This is in process. PLEASE pray for a miraculous reversal of his dismissal.

Another young man dear to our hearts called us today, after an appointment with his orthopedic surgeon. Caleb is back in Colorado and wanted to be cleared to participate his scheduled summer survival course. Instead the doctor was very concerned that there is too much abnormal movement in his knee due to laxity of his MCL ligament, one of the three that was repaired. A surgery and year of recovery seemed hard enough, now be may be looking at a second surgery and second year. We and he though he was processing well. He has tried so hard. The PT had not picked up on this problem so we wonder if it is new and due to his travel to see us. PLEASE pray for miraculous healing. He is back in a brace.

Monday could save hundreds, maybe thousands of lives as a doctor in Bundibugyo. No one knows what plans God has for Caleb, but he has also laid down his life in willing service. Some trust in chariots or lawyers or surgeons, but we trust in the name of The Lord our God whether he works through human means or through supernatural ones. Please pray that God would be glorified by a major turn-around in both these stories in the next few weeks.



Jill said...

I will pray! God is mighty to save!

David said...

There was a time I was on the very verge of being dismissed from medical school. I was miraculously, (and unprecedentedly, as far as I know) reinstated. I know God does miracles, and I I know this particular miracle from my own experience. I will pray.

Anonymous said...