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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Surprise! Do Not Be Surprised!

1 Peter 4 tells us not to be surprised when fiery trials come to test us, as if something strange were happening.  Because this is the NORMAL LIFE of a person following Jesus.  Instead we're supposed to see the trials as evidence that we are sharing Jesus' path, and therefore rejoice.

So here is a double reason to rejoice.  First, we know that health and life and nourishment and safety for the babies of Bundibugyo will never come without a high cost, the kind of Jesus-sharing-suffering that Peter talks about.  So the fact that Monday Julius (see posts below) was dismissed from medical school in the last week of his five-year course, unjustly, should not surprise any of us.  The forces of evil are at work to prevent a competent compassionate doctor from arriving.  And to sideline those that do arrive, like Travis with his cancer.  Rejoice, Peter says, because this is the path of the cross, and it leads to redemption.

But rejoice again, today.  We got news that the University Senate read our letter and met, and decided to reinstate Monday Julius as a student, provided he repeats one year.  So yes, we have to pay for an unnecessary extra year.  But for one extra year's tuition we get a doctor for Bundibugyo, rather than five years' tuition for nothing.  We are grateful that your prayers changed hearts, that a semblance of justice has been done.  We also got news that Dr. Travis' cancer has responded to the chemotherapy, and his recent CT scan is clear.  Two excellent gifts from God, answers to prayer, that will allow these two men to bless others. 

We thank those who have given to the Kule Memorial Leadership Fund (see sidebar).  You are also suffering as you sacrifice to make these funds available.  This is an extra 4 thousand dollars that we had not budgeted, but we trust God will provide through you.

And while we're on the subject, when we asked for prayer for Monday Julius, we asked for two miracles.  Still waiting on the second.  Caleb's knee is not doing well.  But perhaps he understands 1 Pet 4 better than I do.  On the phone he always says he's doing OK, even when it hurts.  Life is dangerous, he told us, so he is learning to buckle down and push through.  He does not complain.  This past week he's been sick, been gassed with tear gas (part of his training), learned to take an M16 apart and put it together again quickly, practiced warfare, and studied survival tactics.  I don't think that trials surprise him.  But I'd still love for that knee to be healed.


Jill said...

thank you for the update on Monday Julius! I'm sorry he has to retake another year. Is he discouraged? I will pray for his heart and that he can remain steadfast and true to his calling.

Sakura Sojourn said...

Praise God for how He's come through for Monday Julius. How wonderful for him and for Bundibugyo! One extra year, compared to 5 years of futility is cause for rejoicing. One extra year of school: "nothing" compared to the years of practice that lay before him. Truly an answer to prayer.