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Sunday, November 03, 2013


Perhaps the best analogy would be the Red Sea blocking one's exit, with murderous armies behind and the Promised Land distant and inaccessible.

On Monday Scott has to sit for an all-day 8 to 5 Family Medicine recertification exam.  He'll drive into Nairobi today to stay at a hotel near the Prometrics computerized testing center.  The last one he took was ten years ago.  He is a fantastic physician, can save your life and cure your malaria, manage your ventilator and life support, treat your diabetes or hypertension, deliver your baby by Caesarean section or suture your wounds.  But he hasn't ever touched the last fifteen new variations of diabetes medicines, and he thinks in tropical medicine differentials more than in obesity and over-indulgent lifestyle differentials.  After two decades practicing medicine where most of the world's needs occur, our skills sets have diverged from the US standards.  For the last few days he's been at his desk, working through a practice test that is designed for fresh-out-of-residency young doctors, and trying to read up and prepare.  Family Medicine is a fantastically broad area of expertise, and ten years is a long time since taking this test.  The questions are intensely specific and tricky.  He is sensing the impassable sea.

Would you please pray for him in your congregations on Sunday, and as you think of it on Monday?  Pray that he would not fear defeat, that a way would open, that he would call to mind the thousands of facts that are in his brain, that he would see God's mercy leading him to pass.

Pray that God's glory would be shown in allowing him (and soon me in Paeds) to maintain licensure as we serve here in Kijabe, Kenya.

(And you can pray for us too, I'm on call today and tomorrow and working pretty intensely these days, so a ripple of single-parent-time is not without stress too.)


Britton Family said...

I will certainly pray for Scott and for you. I have been in prayer for our P7s who take their Ugandan National Exams tomorrow and Tuesday. I will also ask God to bring peace to Scott's heart, remembrance and wisdom to his mind and knowledge for the exam. Many blessings to you both for your work. God is GOOD

Anonymous said...

the struggle continuer

Anonymous said...

How did it go?
Keep up the excellent work...