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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Ten Facts on a Tuesday

A few emails and comments have alerted me to the fact that I often fail to give follow-ups after asking for prayer.  So here are the answers to a couple questions today, and some bonus points as well:

1.  Scott lived through the strenuous and stressful exam.  He won't know if he passed for two more months.  It was exhausting.  Thanks for praying.
2.  More importantly, Dr. Travis Johnson finished all his chemo and last week he had the great news of a clear CT scan.  We are so thankful for the flood of prayers that carried his family through the last six months of nausea, weakness, and the stark reality of risk.  He is now a cancer survivor, which means for the next five years he will be closely monitored.  But all is well.
3.  Our Burundi Team finally arrived in Kibuye last weekend.  After two years working together in Kenya, meeting with WHM and deciding on Burundi, applying, raising support, packing containers, speaking, traveling, then nearly a year together in France for French study and three months in another area of Burundi for Kirundi study . . . drumroll . . . they have moved into the village where they will staff a hospital and teach medical students.  Do pray for them to establish strong relationships and healthy boundaries as they work on house construction supervision, and plan to begin full time medical work in January.  Meanwhile the Bonds are studying French and recruiting for the Bujumbura branch of this work.
4.  Caleb continues to need healing for his knee injury, but with admirable spirit plows on.  He has to pass a swimming exam today which with enough tape and pain tolerance he hopes he can do.  Luke has applications in to about a dozen or more med schools, so you can pray for God's provision and guidance in that process.
5.  Our South Sudan Team is dispersing for rest and home ministry soon, and we continue to pray that the Massos will have the support they need to return in January, and that God will raise up new leaders and new team members to bless the people of Mundri.
6.  New team members on the Bundi team have survived a disease-ridden first couple of months, and eagerly await the next influx of colleagues.  The spiritual and physical battles there never let up.  Pat in Fort Portal could not get travel visas to the US for the two young orphan girls she has guardianship of so needs prayer for wisdom and perseverance as she faithfully continues to serve without the benefit of that break.
7.  Josh and Anna Dickenson were wed, and true love is in the air elsewhere, so keep tuned for more announcements.
8.  Bethany agreed to RVA's request that she extend her counseling ministry from 3 months to 2 years, hooray.  The Maras are hosting a team of photographers to connect the church to the work of Kijabe hospital, and working through difficult issues with inadequate staff in the orthopedic department.
9.  In Nairobi, our team continues to reach out to the community accused of the Westgate attack and the community of the victims.  This team is focused on language learning right now and could use prayer for Swahili to flow.
10.  To make a complete top ten, we thank God for the spiritual hunger among students here at RVA and especially our own.  And we are thankful for fellowship and community in spite of demanding, challenging, unending work at Kijabe Hospital.

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