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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

And we're off

Only an hour left of May 14 and by midnight we will be out of this stuffy departure lounge and high in the sky.

So so so so excited to be heading towards a long weekend with Luke and Caleb. And the graduation festivities will be fun too. Only wish that two hellos were not paid for in two goodbyes. That fracturing of the heart, always.

So it was a smile from God that in the middle of a busy post-call day that included being called to the bedside of someone else's patient, finding the child dead, reviving a bit of life ( CPR never gets old) ... Making week-ahead plans on 28 babies... Managing patients in Icu ... Teaching ...

I found myself in the normal delivery room at the request of the OB team who requested Paeds be present for the delivery of a baby they thought might not do well. The mom had been Laboring all night. She was finally ready to push but she had no energy left.

So there she was in the very bed where I delivered jack 16 years ago. And I was probably the only person in the room who had actually HAD a baby. She grabbed my hand and I turned from paediatrician to labour coach. I prayed for her. We breathed. She wanted to quit. I coaxed. She pushed. Scott helped the OB intern and I helped the mom. At one point she dug her fingernails into my hand so hard she made me bleed. But in less than an hour she, by sheer force of will, pushed out a squalling healthy 3.8 kg baby girl.

Afterwards she was so thankful and happy she held onto me again and asked my name. Which she then gave to her new daughter.

Baby Jennifer probably has more of my hair and shape than my own children do.

It was a tender and blesses moment made possible by intersecting paths and common pain. And a reminder that I am also thankful to the many who have coached and coaxed me all the way to having a 21 year old graduating from university.

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Sarah said...

This brought tears to my eyes Jennifer. Beautiful opportunity of His having you there for this mama just when she needed and laying your life down, once again, for the women and children there. For this one. Thanks for serving and giving for the one He puts in front of you every day, every moment. Prayers and blessings on your journey!