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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Serge-Chogoria partnership: Recruiting a new team!

Scott and I have the pleasure as Area Directors of assessing new team possibilities for Serge.  We were invited to visit Chogoria Hospital, on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya, where a consortium of missionaries and Kabarak University are attempting to resurrect a Family Medicine Residency (master's) program.  We found a solid facility, with dedicated staff, excellent nursing, strong community support, vision, and hope.
 Almost 100 years ago, in 1922, supplies to build a house in the forest were loaded onto 70 ox-carts in Nairobi in April, and arrived at the new site in October.  Dr. Clive Irvine spent his life building not only a hospital but a nursing school and a public health system, plus primary and secondary schools, and a church.  In recent years, the supporting mission from Scotland decided that Kenya was no longer a strategic focus for their funds.  The PCEA church continued many of the programs on their own, but now they would like some help.

The dream is that Chogoria, Kijabe, and Tenwek would all be sites for training Kenyan doctors who want to be able to handle most of what comes to a District hospital.  Acute care, emergency medicine, operative OB, neonatal resuscitation, internal medicine, and some of the standard, common surgical procedures.  Young physicians who have completed a year of internship and then worked to get some experience would come to one of these three sites for a residency program, which in Kenya is called a Master's.  This fits our passion to provide excellent care to the poor, showing the
compassion of Jesus in a hands-on manner, while training a new generation of Kenyan doctors to do the same.  

The main thing lacking:  consultant physicians to be the teachers, to disciple and supervise and encourage these residents.

There are houses ready and waiting.  There is a pretty functional hospital that is sure to fill up when patients see the services return.  There are dedicated Kenyan nurses and administrators and groundskeepers and chaplains and lab technicians and interns who want some experienced doctors to come alongside and teach and help them.

The location is a gateway to Eastern Kenya, and beyond, where many unreached people groups still exist.

Perhaps even best, there is leadership in place from one of the only Family Medicine trained doctors in Kenya, and from a mature family (read, "our age") who sensed God calling them into a second career after 25 years in the Navy directing an Emergency Medicine Residency.

Interested?  Fill out a Online Go form :


Freys said...

shucks, no farmers needed for this team :) still, this is exciting news! thanks for bridging the gaps.

tscarlet said...

Oh, I wish...

Anonymous said...

I know that Navy doc. When I saw "Chigoria", I thought, "I have to cut and paste this to J. I love this big, wide, small world of serendipity we live in.

LH from Hooville