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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Adult in name now too

Tomorrow, 28th of February, marks the official threshold of adulthood for Caleb as he turns 21.  His wonderful sponsor family invited him for dinner and cake tonight, for which we are grateful as we miss yet another milestone.  This kid has been a functional adult in many ways for years, leaving home for boarding school at age 14 (2 years after the photo above), choosing the demanding path of a military academy, working his way back from a severe knee injury, dedicating himself to sacrificial service.  But tomorrow marks a cultural touchpoint in our culture, and we salute him.

Once upon a time, he was that smiling little boy, fascinated by airplanes and with a propensity for the wildness that results in broken bones.  Not that much has changed I guess.

Playing football, during basic training

After running an obstacle course, basic training

Parent's Day a couple years ago

With room mate, courtesy of room mate's mom

In Morocco last Fall

With a group of senior (Cadet First Class) friends, courtesy of facebook

Thankful today for this young man, strong in spirit, marching to the drum of serving others and willing to go against the flow, with a loving courageous loyal heart, staking his life on his faith.  Praying these years of entering adulthood will first of all be survivable . . . and bring him solid community as he enters military duties, a satisfaction that he's using his gifts for good purpose, and an ever deeper walk with Jesus.

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Melissa said...

Thanks for this. As we contemplate staying on the field, and thus missing the last golden years of our parents' lives, I often think of your blog. Meeting back together in heaven WILL be enough. I've seen you live this Truth with your own children (and parents), and it's encouraging to know we're not alone in the sacrifice.