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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Honoring prophetic voices

This article, published on a Sudanese radio news site, details an interview with Bishop Bismarck, our partner in Mundri.  In it he challenges the warring factions to "put down your guns, sit down and dialogue over your issues.  There is no point of subjecting the rest of the population to suffering." Strong words from the man who brokered the last regional peace accord, signed in the church there in Mundri.  Since then more attacks, food aid diverted, children reportedly starving.  It takes courage to speak out against the government forces who seem to be bent upon power and extermination of opposition, even at the expense of civilian lives.

Today is the anniversary of the death of Archbishop Janani Luwum of the Church of Uganda, in 1977.  He hand-delivered a letter of protest to Idi Amin objecting to the excesses of violence and repression in that government, and paid with his life.

These men are, or were, leaders in their country's primary protestant denominations.  They are examples of men of God looking at the injustice perpetrated by those in power, and choosing to stand with the suffering.

Those days are not just in the history books; they continue this week.

Please pray for the people of Mundri, Western Equitoria, South Sudan.  They are hungry.  Their homes have been burnt.  They are without access to medical care.  Join Bishop Bismarck in advocating for them.  Pray for Bismarck's safety as his voice is heard.  Pray for a willingness on all sides to respect the needs of the civilians.

Please also pray again tonight for the people of Uganda.  Much has improved there in the last almost-40 years since Luwum was murdered by Amin.  But armed military-looking police are patrolling the capital and tomorrow's elections could spark violence.

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