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Friday, November 25, 2011


As Thanksgiving turns to Christmas Consumption, and we read of people flocking to Walmart and the Malls .. . here's an idea for de-cluttering. Would you like to pass on some of your small stuffed animals, beanie babies or about that size? The sophomore class at RVA (which we help sponsor) does an annual Valentine sale to raise money for the class. We're in charge of creating gift baskets which parents can purchase for their children as a reminder of their love while separated far away at boarding school. I know my kids have been very attached to stuffed animals, particularly in stressful times of life. So along with candy, we thought it would be fun to include a little stuffed animal in the baskets.

If you want to donate some of your slightly used but still lovable animals for this cause, mail them by Dec 10 to Luke who will fill his luggage with as many as he can to transport them here:

Luke Myhre

PO Box 201510

New Haven, CT 06520-1510

If we get more than 50, we will pass them on to the children at the hospital. Thanks so much. No doubt the suite of guys at Yale will get a kick out of this influx into their dorm too.

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