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Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Mundri

Thursday afternoon and it's 108 degrees, a dry breeze rustles through the brown grasses, and our delegation sits on the porch of the team house hearing stories and chugging water. A few hours ago we landed with MAF on the rocky Mundri airstrip. One stop for mangos and then to the team compound, which used to be a few kilometers out of town. Since we were last here two years ago the crossroads trade town of Mundri has sprawled out towards the church offices and homes until there is barely a break between the last thatch roofed tukuls and the water tank that signals the WHM homes. Michael's building projects have borne fruit as we toured five team homes (plus the former tent - now cement structure where we're staying) school room two stores and a team living area. And were greeted by the smiling Bishop Bismark with prayer, and the four industrious team members left behind who had the beds ready and salty fresh Rolexes (egg and chapatti) from the market.

Pictures to follow I hope.

And last news from Caleb, he had reached Amsterdam late from Nairobi, missed a connection, and was rescheduled. Hoping to hear he made it to the Gallagher's at BFA in Germany soon!

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