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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Realizing the vision, CSB graduates

We pulled into Bundibugyo late evening, unpacked a few bags, visited with our team neighbors, and then this morning headed up to the Magistrate’s court for the latest in the long series of  several-minute appearances separated by months of waiting that constitute our defense from claims by the family of one of the men who sold us land for Christ School that we should relinquish the property back to them.  That does not sound like a great morning, but in fact, it WAS great.

Because in only a few hours in Bundibugyo, we have run into all of these CSB graduates out in the world doing their work.  And doing it well, with integrity and service. Here are a few of them whose photos we snapped (and this represents less than one day since arriving).

This is Rosette Kabugho, Class of 2011, now the Magistrate’s legal aid.  She organizes all the files for the main court in Bundibugyo, sits in the courtroom, answers questions, keeps track of what happens.  she is the center point of JUSTICE IN BUNDI.

This is her colleague Sadaa Muhindo, who also works as a legal aid.  

While we waited, a nurse-midwife Katusabe Rose came by.

Katusabe works at Nyahuka Health Center where she and her co-workers have been delivering 150 babies a month.  That’s a lot of life.

Next door to the court, we dropped in on Uganda Broadcasting Corporation’s Bundibugyo Office.

Namwaongera Geoffery and Manila Doreen are the Voice of Bundibugyo.  They broadcast from the studios of UBC, news, programming, interviews, music, public service announcements.  Both are CSB graduates as well.  Geoffery even interviewed Scott live on the air this morning!

And a few hours earlier, we had passed by the office of Stitch and Sew, an auto shop with contracts for large entities working in Uganda.  Joshua Mutegheki is putting his business degree to work!

None of the progress of CSB has come easily. Many people, teachers, administrators, donors, parents, have laid down costly parts of their lives to get us to this point. But we DO SEE THE FRUIT. We did not set out this morning to find CSB grads at work, we set out to get our own work done. But the truth is, in Bundibugyo now, if you want to accomplish anything, you’ll find CSB grads are your best means of doing so.

Back at school, here was one more grad, John Balitebiya, who studied accounting and now works as a liaison between the mission and our projects, tracking the considerable outlays of funds. This week he was tasked with spending money from our support account to replace half our wooden beds with metal-framed ones, as a fire prevention.  This is now a requirement of the government of Uganda, so he negotiated a contract and managed their production and transport.  Here he is with the first delivery.

Thanks to the many parents who have paid fees, and the many donors who have supplemented those fees to enable us to empower young people like these.  Now we are here facing the 2019 school year by faith.  Please join us in producing the next group of world changers. Please consider giving a gift to help us get a strong start to the Christ School 2019 school year which starts in a few weeks.  Follow the CSB or Serge links to give to Christ School.  Or click HERE to connect to the Serge website for a Christ School giving link.  We desperately need partners to make this work.

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