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Sunday, October 08, 2006

9th October Email Prayer Update

Dear Praying Friends,
If any of you are following our blog you’ll know that this has not been an easy week for our team. Ndyezika, our dear student and friend, failed his lab exams.  Two of the smaller kids on the team are pretty ill with asthma symptoms, which is frightening in this remote place.  Two people have had computer hard drive crashes this week, one of whom was Scott who safely returned from his long journeys last night and today tried to fire up his rather new (6 month old) laptop to no avail.  As he traveled back he collected a desperate Kabasunguzi Grace and her mother from the purgatory of Mulago Hospital and brought her back to Nyahuka, barely alive, possibly just to die. Several other patients in my care have died this week.  Incompetent mechanics in Kampala really messed up our truck.  We are struggling to treat 8 people attacked by a possibly rabid dog.  Michael has spent hours taking a neighbor caught red-handed with stolen items from his home and elsewhere to the police, a messy but necessary step after innumerable break-ins.  The A-level biology teacher Kevin tried to hire to fill in for the teacher who left for a master’s degree decided he needed more money, and with the students about to take the exam two of our missionary team mates are now adding that to their already full job schedules.  As we shared prayer requests at our last team meeting it was clear that many have been attacked by discouragement or illness or issues with family members back in the States having surgery or crises.  And close to home, we had a rough day with sibling behaviour today.  To top it all off, tonight we heard a rumor that the Chief Administrative Officer for our district has been transferred---just when Jonah, who had left in discouragement a few weeks ago, wrote to say he’s ready to come back.  This man holds the power to give Jonah the control of Nyahuka Health Center; if he has been transferred just as that was about to happen it will be a severe blow.

Would you please pray for the life of Jesus to be seen in our weakness and in our set-backs and struggles this week?  Instead of a list of prayer requests, pray through 2 Corinthians 4 for us, particularly verses 7-11, 16-18.  The life of Jesus, the weight of glory . . . The unseen becoming clear as we persevere through our light afflictions.  I can’t explain how that should happen, but please pray for faith that it will.

The 9th of October is Uganda’s 44th Birthday.  And this month marks 13 years since we Myhres moved to Uganda.  As you think of these anniversaries, please PRAY.
Jennifer for the team

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Edistobum said...

Jennifer and Scott,

Got your e-mail update this morning and prayed through II Cor 4 for you. Just wanted you to know of our love and support for your work and the joy in praying for you in the midst of your struggles. Praying the you would delight in the surpassing power that belongs to God that is at work in you, even as you see the reality of your own "clayishness". As you clearly see your reality as a jar of clay, may you even more clearly see the surpassing power of our heavenly Father.