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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Showdown at the NK

Jonah called at 6 this morning to say he was leaving Kampala. It will take him all day to get here. Tomorrow morning will be “showdown at the NK”, Nyahuka that is, when he arrives at the health center with his letter of appointment to be in charge. I expect most of the staff will be glad, we are more concerned about the district leadership. Meanwhile today is the last day for World Food Program food to be distributed to HIV positive mothers and children through Kwejuna Project. We anticipate over a hundred families arriving shortly for a day of registration, weighing, blood tests for children, some encouragement and teaching, and then the happy departure with bags of food. A large measure of chaos infused with some sense of purpose. And just to keep life interesting, four tilers, men from Kampala with expertise in laying floors, arrived to put in the floor for the new pediatric/maternity ward at the health center. They will be staying on the mission all week while they work. Stay tuned for the stories this week . . . .

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