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Monday, October 23, 2006

Return of the prodigal dog

At 5:20 this morning we were awakened by pounding at the door. In Africa, the land of rebels and thieves, one does not answer the door in the dark lightly. We crept quietly out of the bedroom with flashlights off. No one spoke, but the pounding repeated. Then Scott realized what it was: Star returned, and she was banging the screen door. He opened the door and she quivered in, cowering with shame and happiness. All alone. Whether she heard the car, the calls of her name, the kids out searching, or she just tired of running with the wild pack, of hunger and maybe abuse . . . She came home. We welcomed her with food and water, but her older “sister” Angie snarled and tried to get at the food in typical prodigal sibling fashion. There is much happiness in the Myhre house today, and perhaps understanding of the forgiveness and joy of the welcoming Father. (the pix: Angie, the elder, in the foreground..and Star, the prodigal dog, in the background)


Lee said...

Praise the Lord! Never have I felt so confident in praying for the return of a pet that it was God's will for me to pray for that very thing. What a joy that Star is back.
Yesterday I looked at you photo page on the Mac and saw the picture of Calab an Star and it moved me even more to pray.
What a delight to see our Father's concern for the hearts of our children, even in "little" thing.


Claire said...

What an answer to prayer! Thank the Lord!