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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ndyezika Triumphs!!!! And other good news.

Today’s HAPPIEST of all: Ndyezika PASSED!!!!!!!! Hallelujah, literally. Thanks to all his prayerful fans out there. He took the only remaining exam yesterday, then waited nervously while it was graded. Late last night he found out the good news. Now he’s registering officially as a Laboratory Assistant. It will still take months if not most of the year to be recognized, apply for open positions in Bundibugyo, and get on the Ministry of Health government payroll. But he’s done with the training, and we are so thankful to celebrate this success.

Today is the final day in the 42 day count-down post-discharge of the last Ebola patient. Tomorrow the epidemic will be declared officially over. But this being Bundibugyo, the organization of the party to commemorate the end took longer than expected, so the official party is not for another week. Meanwhile there was only one empty bed in the Paeds ward this morning. Weddings that were delayed are starting to reorganize, I know of three in the next few weeks. Students are back in school in full force. Life is finally going on.


jane. said...

* huzzah!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!.... Let the people rejoice!

Anonymous said...

another PRAISE THE LORD!!! So thankful to read this good news!!! Yay, Ndyezika!!!

claire said...

Praise the Almighty Lord! I'm so excited for this, this has been a long time coming, but the Lord has remained FAITHFUL!!

Thanks for the updates.
Miss you, love you.

bethy31 said...

Praise God - that made me cry because of the long journey - God is faithful! I pray this will guide him into a huge marriage celebration!

Carol said...

praise God and congrats Ndyezika!!!! prayers answered!!