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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ndyezika's Final Attempt

Tomorrow, Monday, the 18th, Ndyezika will attempt to pass his laboratory assistant certifying exams once again.  Last time he was nearly there, so this time he only has to repeat one portion of the exam.  The director of our lab with whom he has worked for these past months assures me he is capable and ready . . . But we know that Ndyezika struggles in the pressure of the exam setting. Please pray for him to remain calm, to remember what he has learned, and to find favor in the eyes of the examiners (it’s pretty subjective).  If he passes, then he can apply to be PAID for the job he’s essentially already been doing at the health center.  And since his Ebola-delayed wedding is now rescheduled for March, it would be very helpful to have this behind him as he starts his new life.


claire said...

Praying for Ndyezika!!!

Praying for y'all too.
All my love,

jane. said...

* praying for you, N-man.