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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rainforest Photos

Luke took a lot of pictures on our hike to the Semuliki river yesterday (and Scott took a few when he could get his hands on the camera). He has a creative eye for detail, color, lighting, motion, and composition. A handful of his photos are included in our "Bundibugyo-General" FlickR set.
We walked 24 km (about 16 miles) through areas of old-growth forest (ironwood) with a sky-high canopy and quiet, through palms and vines, with glimpses of red tailed monkeys and the calls of hidden chimps, the trills of piping Hornbills, the confetti of bright butterflies. Another side of Africa, the green side.

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Anonymous said...

Love your collection of photos on Flickr. Didn't know they were there before this. Thanks for posting them for us to enjoy. Hope we can meet again in the future.
Steve (Kevin and Sonja's next door neighbor)