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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Arrivals and Departures

After dreary and drenching days on end, today the sun broke through in time to firm up the grass airstrip just enough for a very important landing. My mom, Judy Aylestock, and Sarah Reber's parents and sister arrived, and midwife-intern Larissa Funk departed. It is a world- intersection moment when our families can set foot in Bundibugyo. Melen, my two neighbors, Ndyezika and Juliet, and church elder and friend Bamparana all formed the Ugandan welcoming delegation, and almost our entire team came as well, for a swirling crowd of hugs and tears, of joy and emotional overload. In the excitement of travel there was not much rest, so today we are allowing them to catch up before the grand tour of Bundibugyo starts tomorrow. It has been more than five years since my mom last reached this far (my parents' last trip stopped in Kampala) so the kids and the trees have both grown quite a bit . . as well as the house (we added a porch/room on the front). Praying for a meaningful visit for all.


arachesostufo said...

peace and freedom from Venice, italy

KevinandJD said...

Wahoo! I know everyone is so excited and happy to have Grammie in BGO. We'll be praying for a wonderful visit, full of good memories for everyone.