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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Humbly Grateful

Luke made the JV soccer team at RVA. It is hard to overstate the greatness of this news for him. You would have to have known him all his life, kicking a ball as soon as he could walk, playing hours a day with his friends, loving the sport. You would have to have watched him over four years at Christ School, trying to fit in, thankfully allowed to come to practice, but always a bit younger than the others, and a bit on the outskirts as the only American and the only non- boarding student, never really ON the team. You would have to have seen his pain when as a "senior" he practiced whole-heartedly (thinking it was his last chance) but never got to even put on a uniform, let alone play in a game, and when the team went to nationals he was one of the two or three regulars (out of 20-some) who got left behind. In spite of playing almost daily, and being pretty naturally athletic (his father's genes, not mine), the only opportunity in his whole life he's had to be on an organized team and play in competition was in 2nd grade when we were doing our MPH's in Baltimore. He was the star way back then, but most of his life since then the predominant message he's had from sports is that he's not quite good enough. You would also have to know how important sports were in his dad's life, and how much he's longed to taste of that experience. You would have to have seen him continue to practice with Alex, the CSB coach now, even when he was no longer a student there, and with Ashley, who was captain of her college team and gave him great instruction this summer. And you would have to imagine how as a new kid at a school among many who have spent most of their lives together, being on a team could help one feel connected. So with all that in mind we rejoice that he was selected. He was told that this year was one of the most competitive ever . . . 60-70 high school boys started tryouts, but only two (JV and Varsity) 15-man squads were chosen, with preference to seniors. He was so worried that he would not be one of the players. And sadly both his room mate and the boy across the hall whom he has gotten to know a bit, did not make the team, which is awkward for Luke and sad for both of them. So we are grateful, but humble, knowing that Luke's gain is tempered by representing loss for others. We thank you for praying.
(P.S. - the photo of Luke above was taken by his dorm parent (Troy Gallagher) during the tryout period at RVA.)


Cindy Nore said...

YEA for the great news about Luke making the team! What a great blessing it sounds like this will be to him in so many ways. I love the quilt and the words about rearranging things that seem shattered and disconnected; I just got home from an arts and crafts store where I went to explore the possibility of learning quilting to make a quilt from my daughter Jessica's favorite pieces of clothing. Your picture of the quilt and the words which accompanied it have given me even more incentive to give it a try. Praise God for answered prayer, and congratulations to Luke!

Jane said...

* huzzah!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Luke made the team.
I can relate to having a son that always had a soccer ball at his feet.

Thanks for your thoughts on your transition with Luke being away.

Soon, Nathan will be joining you. We clearly see God's hand in this journey for him and our thrilled.

Yet, this is a new phase for our family as well.

You are in our prayers daily.
Barbara E.